Agribusiness & Youth Development in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique


introduction to Catalisa

Catalisa is a five year, more than $10 million investment from Anadarko-led Mozambique LNG project, implemented by TechnoServe in collaboration with private sector, government and community partners in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. Catalisa’s objectives are to increase investment in Cabo Delgado, increase incomes, increase local employment, and spur the creation and growth of self-sustaining businesses across two dimensions: an agribusiness development component and a youth skills-building component.


Results-Based Program Design

Currently in its first year, Catalisa is focused on testing interventions and laying the groundwork to scale effective interventions from Year 2 through Year 5. This iterative design process will allow Catalisa to adapt to the rapidly changing business and social environment in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.


Agribusiness investment

Within agribusiness development, Catalisa will achieve increased smallholder capacity to profitably produce poultry and horticulture; improved ability of micro-, small, and medium-sized businesses to provide value chain linkages; and robust and private sector-led visions for the inclusive expansion of Cabo Delgado’s poultry and horticulture sectors.


Youth Skills Training in Palma

Within the youth skills-building component, Catalisa will work to help close the skills gap for youth in Palma and increase their employability. They will also help the youth to identify new business opportunities. Azul Consultoria, together with Technoserve, is implementing the youth training. The selected professors and assistants reflect the ever-increasing diverse population of Mozambique and Palma.