identifying the gap

Within the youth skills-building component, Azul Consultoria, together with TechnoServe, will work to help close the skills gap for youth in Palma and increase their employability. The program will also help the youth to identify new business opportunities. Year 1 activities are focused on comprehensively understanding the following: gaps in youth skills, lessons from past skills-building programs, and the labor market landscape (including employment needs of local businesses).

Tailor-made training Solution

The findings of an intensive exercise to understand the challenges that face youth in Palma will inform the customization of TechnoServe’s Strengthening Rural Youth Development Through Enterprise (STRYDE) curriculum to the local context. The curriculum will be piloted with two participant groups in 2018. Students will leave with improved life skills and an increased ability to identify and pursue business opportunities.


training course Details

The training curriculum will directly respond to youth skills gaps in Palma through a 3 month training course on life skills, work readiness and entrepreneurship. The course will trains pupils on basic IT/English skills needed to work in a multi-cultural environment. In addition, students will receive personalized mentoring over 12 months, including internship opportunities and business plan development.


Leadership, creativity and basic life skills. Basic training in English language and IT. Preparation of CV and cover letter. Training for interviews and job search. Business plan, individually personalized. Training in communication & gender issues.

And much more!


Anticipated Youth Training Results

Catalisa will train 1,000 youth over the 5-year project span.

Students will be supported to enter the formal job market and/or begin their own micro-enterprises.